Person jogging in the park.
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It is 2020, and the global COVID crisis has forced us all into our living rooms, mancaves or small gardens if you are lucky. The social and economic impact is incomprehensible. Whole countries are in house arrest, and no one knows the end of it.

The first time I heard about the lockdown measures, it became clear that under no circumstances, I will miss my daily one exercise as it is my only chance to see the light of day. I just needed to figure out what that activity will be. I don’t think walking counts as cardio, so it…

Politicians introduced carbon offsetting to the world as a skeleton key that unlocks the solution to climate change. You could hear about it on the radio, read it in newspapers and listen to people talk about it on conferences. PR designed this to reassure us that we car remedy the mistakes we make and the damage we cause by merely buying into “green” projects. It suggests that we can just conveniently keep doing what we do. The bad news is, this is a lie.

Carbon offsetting does not promote change. It does the opposite. It gives us an excessive peace…

How to ruin a tropical island in just 10 years

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Cape Verde is a group of small islands in the tropics about 350 miles west of Africa. A land that some of you may never hear. Nonetheless, Cape Verde has been home to a native population of Portuguese origin for about 500 years. To make a long story short and relevant, let me briefly talk about recent history. Shortly after its 1975 independence, political turmoil swept through the country. This volatile period ultimately ended in the first democratic election in 1991. …

Does travel make you happy, or just cause you more stress?

You probably remember your first-ever holiday, most likely in your childhood. The soothing calmness of pure existence, having no particular objectives just enjoying whatever, wherever. Every time I think of taking a holiday, and I do think of it quite often, this is what I crave. Somehow, however, as soon as I start planning, the dream begins to fade.

A man looking at a laptop screen while sitting by the window thinking hard.
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First, I need to decide what I’d fancy. We are in January, so I have the choice of going for a ski holiday to enjoy the snow, or somewhere warm…

Members of a family holding hands, spending time together
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I come from an average Hungarian family from the ’70s. Life was simple. Shops had one type of milk, a kind of bread, pretty much one of everything. There were no mobile phones, no computers, no Netflix. Friends and their families gathered on the weekends, cars full of people headed to the nearest forests to light campfires. We kids were naughty where we could not break anything. When our legs grew tired, our parents calmed us down with some roasted bacon over bread which tasted like the best steak.

Until I was about 27 years old, I had not much…

Gyorgy Berdal

I spent 25 years working in the tech industry. Travel is my passion, so it is science. I have a passion for the truth and determined to learn about the World.

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